Golyta is the parent company of iCollection, Glitter and Hauty.  Located in
Los Angelas with factories over seas Golyta specialzes in the desighn, developemnt, sourcing, marketing and distribution of intimates, sleepwear and other fine apparel.


iCollection:  Beautiful and classic,from corsets to panties, size S to 6X and with shipments across the US and over 20 countries, iCollection has something for every retailer.

Glitter:  This collection features and exciting line up of gorgeous lingerie, provocative teddies, inviting mini dresses and so much more. Layer it up or dress it down with our many red-hot styles available in one size and one size queen.

Hauty:  Feminine, edgy, captivating, meticulously crafted with modern materials and technique, Hauty is created for the modern, dynamic woman with a contemporary approach  to classic lingerie. Iconic silhouettes are updated with exclusive Hauty patterns and retro styles get a modern twist.

 Minimum order:  None


      iCollection has a main catalog that comes out in January which is good for one year and a Holiday book for             Christmas and Valentines.

      Glitter catalog comes out in January and is good for one year.

      Hauty catalgo comes out in January and is good for one year.

Territory: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana